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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed here is a small sampling of the questions, and concerns that amateur boxing coaches have had to address over the years.

 We want everyone to know that
amateur and professional boxing
are two totally different sports
 make them aware of the positive constructive life skills and habits that boxing teaches.

While the sport of amateur boxing is tremendously rewarding from just the sport aspect, it is also profoundly influential in the development of the
 proper abilities and traits necessary to be successful in today's world.


Boxing is a proven delinquency deterrent.  The positive impact that boxing has on "at Risk" kids is amazing.  Unlike some other sports, boxing has a kind of "tough guy" image that is accepted in even the toughest circles.

A kid's friends might make fun of him or her playing soccer or tennis, but nobody harasses a boxer.  Once the athlete is involved the effect of a structured organized program is almost.  All of a sudden the youngster has a positive release of energy and frustration.  The knowledge that the gym is a "safe haven" from the street can also serve
 as a very comforting thing.


  Lets go over some of the things that go into building character  starting with, confidence of the primary benefits of being involved in a properly run boxing program is gaining confidence.  By developing their skills in the ring and learning how to train properly athletes become very confident in themselves.  This is the sort of trait that everyone wants to see develop in our young people

 Along with confidence comes sportsmanship.  If the gym is run correctly, then learning to be good sport is a foregone conclusion.  Boxers learn not only how to be good losers, but even more importantly, good winners.   In the average gym less than 1% of the athletes will become professional boxers, but all of them will become contributing members of society.  in  the gym setting boxers learn the skills that will make them better people.  The sense of self-worth that comes with achieving the different skill levels of this sport is immeasurable .

 Another big advantage is the fact that through the process of discipline and goal setting learned in a good boxing program a youngster learns to be self motivated and much more aware of the fact that doing the right things make good things happen.

Another positive to be gained from Amateur boxing is it's influence on controlling Anger and Aggression.  Boxing by design is a proven deterrent to anger and aggression problems.  Athletes in a boxing program learn that losing their temper or being overly aggressive is extremely counter--productive.  An athlete soon learns that self-control is as important as being in good shape.  We all know how important it is to have an effective way to control and positively direct aggression in today's youth.


Many kids today don't identify well with the "Team Concept" that is so important: in sports like football, baseball, soccer, and basketball.  Boxing is definitely a great sport for this athlete.  It gives the individual the opportunity to excel on his or her own.  A chance to rely on his or her own merits and to be rewarded individually for those accomplishments.
what might not be so evident is the fact that while boxing is definitely a "one on One' competition it also tends to develop a certain sense of camaraderie among other athletes in the gym that could easily be described as "Team Pride".  Now, Maybe this isn't an actual team  sport situation, but it certainly does develop some real "Team Spirit".  Amateur boxing encourages team work in the sense that you are surrounded by coaches and team mates that support and encourage you even though you are in the ring alone.

Even the athlete that is a team sport participant might find the environment of amateur boxing a great change of pace.  It is even  an excellent way for the team athlete to maintain his or her level of conditioning during the off season.


Amateur boxing promotes physical fitness.  The level of fitness that a competitive  boxer must maintain is higher that virtually any other sport.  Sports like football; baseball and soccer usually get their athletes into a fairly fit condition and then maintain this level throughout the season.  Boxers must train to a peak for virtually every contest.  The intensity of a boxing workout is ahead and shoulders above the usual "Team Sport" workout.

Another big advantage is the size and experience factor.  Amateur boxing is divided into weight classes, so you don't have the weight discrepancies that you run into in sports like football.  Experience is also a criteria. Amateur boxing is divided into three age groups
in the junior division and two experience A groups in the senior division.

Boxing is also a great cardio-vascular workout.  The types of exercises and drill common to a good boxing workout are always very cardio-vascular in nature.  Things like jumping rope,bag work and road work are all very  conducive to good cardio conditioning.

USA/Boxing also offers scholarship for amateur boxers at many levels.  Northern Michigan University is the Olympic Education Center and the home base for America's National Boxing Team, so there are opportunities for the more advanced boxers to better
their education at this fine university.


One of the most rewarding things about amateur boxing is the fact that participation is individual and so is the recognition.  What better way to build an athlete's confidence and self -motivation than by individual recognition for his or her accomplishments.  

The opportunities to receive trophies, jackets or titles are not only great rewards for performance accomplishments but they also make tremendous incentives to work harder.  There is no better self esteem builder than to see your name in the  local paper or see yourself on the evening news?  All of these things can help to have a very positive impact on a young athlete.


We all know how expensive football and baseball and even soccer have gotten.  It's a wonder that many families can afford to let their kids be involved in any sport at all.  Well, here's another reason boxing may be the answer for your young athlete.  First of all, the yearly registration fee to USA/Boxing is only about $20.00.  Secondly, the amount of equipment an individual needs to get started is usually less than $10.00. (mouthpiece & handwraps). Most gyms provide all the other equipment like bag, gloves, headgear and sparring gloves.  Even if a club doesn't provide those items, you can buy them for less than $160.00.


One of the best assets of being involved in amateur boxing is that it gives a kid a chance to see the country and even the world if they become successful at this sport.  When the local high school football team makes the state playoffs, they might get to go a hundred miles or so from home.  Amateur boxing has national tournaments all over the country.  And if you are fortunate enough to become nationally competitive, then you could go anywhere in the world!

As you can see, there are a vast number of answers to "Why Boxing".  We have tried to  give you the best overall reasons, but believe me we haven't given you all of them.  If you want to get a better perspective on why this sport is so great, Just ask the athletes who are currently participating.  Their desire and dedication to the sport, their obvious love for boxing in general and their team in particular will surprise you.

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